PHP/MySql Programming Course

Course Fees : Rs. 15000 Rs.12000 Duration : 30 Classes

The job-oriented courses of TTC Training Academy are quite ideal for students with or without a technical qualification.

We do make sure that students, especially, from the non-technical background can find a suitable job in the software company.

TTC Training Academy works hard constantly to meet the expectations and requirements of every student.

We do provide advanced PHP training in Kolkata. You do not have to be a tech savvy to join this course.

Why Learn the PHP Course from TTC Academy?

We do have some of the excellent teaching staffs who will help you to understand PHP from the scratch. They will provide live online practical guidance on various PHP components. It will help you to derive practical experience and skill to handle PHP assignments.

We will make sure that you do obtain the basic PHP concept to attain success in this course. Our faculties do handle the student needs with proper care and attention.

What to Learn from the PHP/MySQL Curriculum of TTC Training?

PHP is an open-source program. Acquiring skills in this program will enable you to derive job in a reputed software firm.

In a website, you have to do multiple tasks. PHP is one such task that is needed to look after the basic framework of a website.

A proper PHP and MySQL training will enable you to look after the website pretty systematically.

At TTC Training Academy, we will guide you from the basic. You need to develop familiarity with programming language like Javascript, CSS, HTML, and so on.

Your Objective of Learning PHP from TTC Academy?

The main benefit that you will derive from us is the ideal job placement. Just think about it. When you have completed the PHP course successfully from our campus, job will be rewarded to you from our campus. It is a life time opportunity. Do not let it slip from your hands.

PHP/MySql Programming Course Syllabus


Web Programming

Scripting Language & PHP

Database & It’s Roles

SQL Queries

Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)

HTML, CSS & Javascript Highlights

Introduction to Static Website

HTML Tags, Elements

Use of Javascript


Form Validation

Development in PHP

Introduction to PHP

PHP Syntax, Variables

Loops & Conditions

PHP Functions


Files & Folder

Web & Database Server

LAMP/XAMP Installation

Web Server Basics

Work in MySQL

MySQL Queries

Web Application

Develop Signup Page

Develop Login Page

Data Grid

Dynamic Data Handle

Update Actions

PHP Frameworks

What are CMS, CRM & MVC

Discuss Frameworks

Live Projects

Final Exam.