TTC PPC Training Academy

PPC Course

Course Fees : Rs. 10000 Rs.8000 Duration : 16 Classes

The advanced PPC training in Kolkata will transform you into an industry-ready paid marketing professional.

Featuring a clear learning path designed by industry experts, this PPC certification course will fast-track your Digital Marketing career with hands-on experience in managing paid marketing initiatives.

Why PPC Is An Important Part Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a mix of several things and PPC is also a very important part of this, and balance overall digital marketing strategy for any business.

It plays the most important role for start-ups and businesses those have must require good online standing to generating leads, but not present through organic search.

It helps businesses to generate leads very fast with real-time conversion tracking and fully controllable as per budget, target audience and area.

TTC Training Academy’s PPC course in Kolkata to expand your digital marketing portfolio. With this course, you can master the science and art behind paid campaigns for your company.

Once you complete the Google adwords course in Kolkata, you can generate paid traffic to your website and improve your site’s ranking in the SERPs.

Course Objective

At our PPC training institute Kolkata our objective is to

  • Create PPC experts through an advanced and industry-specific training.
  • Help trainees learn the basics of paid advertising and know how PPC works.
  • Ensure real-time PPC project experience to help trainees learn the tricks and trades of paid advertising.
  • Share knowledge of campaign creation, budget fixing, conversion tracking and boosting ROI for brands through PPC.
  • Offer hands-on training with experts bringing an insight into pay per click and their use in brand building.
  • Produce skilled and knowledgeable PPC professionals to cater the industry.

Who Should Go For The Course?

  • Business Heads
  • Sales and Marketing Team
  • Digital Marketing Team
  • PR and Communication Team
  • Search Marketing Professionals
  • PPC Managers

Why TTC Training Academy?

We offer PPC services in Kolkata with the assets of well-versed facilities. We have a set of trained faculties who will channel you through the PPC training in Kolkata and help you solve your queries. We offer you certificates on course completion.

TTC Training Academy Kolkata provides the best Google adwords training in Kolkata that builds up the greater confidence in you to rise up and shine with zest and immense ambition to succeed and sustain the competition.

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PPC Course Syllabus

Course Introduction


The Search Process

Importance & Benefits of PPC

Why pay per click campaign


PPC platforms and channels

Defining Audience

Introduction to Keywords & Competitor Research

What is Keyword Research?

Difference between SEO & PPC keywords

Research PPC Keywords

Importance of target keywords

Select Targeted/related Keywords

Analyze Competitors keywords

Find Keywords popularity & Search Volume

Categorize Keywords in Ad groups

PPC Keywords tools and resources

How to set up PPC Campaign

Set-up PPC Campaign

Google Adword Account Structure

PPC campaign Navigation

Use Multiple Account

Use My Client Center (MCC)

Understanding key performance indicators

Google adwords campaign settings

Google adwords adgroups settings

How to increase CTR & Conversion

What is Tracking Code?

Create Effective Ads Ad groups

Ad copy writing

Bids Management in PPC

What is bidding?

What is Quality Score?

How Quality Score Effect on Bids?

How to Increase Position on Search?

Bid for Ad position

Define Bid for Each keyword and Bid Management

User Define bids and Google Automatic Bids

Importance of bidding techniques

Competitor’s Analysis of bidding

How important is Landing Page for PPC

What is a Landing Page?

Ads versus Landing Page

Important of Landing Page

Optimize your landing pages

How to Increase conversion rates

What is “Click-through-Rates” (CTRs)

Use ‘Calls to Action’


PPC reporting structure

Campaign Performance Reports

Keywords Performance Reports

Ad group Performance Reports

Ads Performance Reports