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Web Designing

Course Fees : Rs. 12000 Rs.8000 Duration : 16 Classes

Course introduction
The web designing course in TTC Academy is for learners who are eager to enrol in the web designing course and want their name enlisted as a web designer in a reputed IT company.

Who can take admission in the web designing course? 

The web designing course in Kolkata is not limited to any particular strata. People who have a knack for web designing are welcome to join the course.


A graduate student or an undergraduate student both can apply.


The web designing course is for job-holders and business persons too.

Opportunity for a student after completing the web designing course

Now, students are leaning more towards web designing courses as the renowned IT firms are offering them high pay checks. Be it in salary or career progress-the web designing course can provide you everything in the professional arena.  The web designing course can train the students to have flair in designing.

The benefit of enrolling in TTC Academy for web designing course

You can get the complete web designing training in Kolkata only from the TTC Academy. TTC Academy is the hub of renowned faculties who can teach you the nitty-gritty of web designing.

  • In TTC Academy, the web designing course is taught by industry-veteran professionals. But you may remain assured that though the course is taught by industry professionals, the web design course fees in Kolkata will always be within your affordability.
  •  TTC Academy is assuring all the would-be students that the training facility within the institute is best and at par with other web designing training institutes in Kolkata.
  • Web designing is planning, creating, and updating a website. In our project training session, you can learn how to create the website structure, how to involve the information structure within the website, user interface, website layout, colour, contrast, font, everything. Overall, the TTC Academy web design project training session is one of the best for learning web design.
  • When TTC Academy is taking the responsibility of helping you to learn every aspect of web designing, you may remain assured that the faculties are making you job-ready. From the institute classes, you can make a direct entry into a reputed IT company.
  • You are going to learn the fundamental and latest modules of web designing after enrolling in the TTC Academy. You can remain assured that the TTC Academy web designing course fees in India will always be within your affordability.
  • The web designing training module is created in such a way that you can learn with real-time cases. The curriculum is designed by the subject experts and the training institute helps the students to learn web designing courses through webinars, video tutorials, case studies, live demonstrations, and other modern techniques.

So, after course completion, you can feel confident within yourself that you are ready to make a grand entry into the professional arena. The TTC will also provide you a certificate after completion of the course and the certificate will remain an asset for your career in the future.

Web Designing Syllabus

Introduction To Photoshop

Importance of Photoshop

Basic Tools & Shortcut Keys

Different Shapes and Figures

Website Elements

Webpage Measurements

Working with Objects

What is Object?

Selecting & Aligning Objects

Objects Arrangements

Hiding and Locking Objects

Colour & Drawing Tools

Use of Pen & Pencil Tool

Creating the ice cream illustration

Working with Colour

Use of Patterns

Working with Gradients

Working with Text

Fonts & Formats

Different Text Styles

Text with Objects

Text Outlines

Concept of Layers

Layers & Sub Layers

Pasting & Merging Layers

Viewing Layers

Text Outlines

Attributes with Layers

Live Project

Design Header Area

Design Banners

Body Area