TTC Web development course

Web Development

Course Fees : Rs. 12000 Rs.10000 Duration : 18 Classes

A career in web development has always been a prominent choice for most youngsters. Today’s youth loves creativity, new challenges, and high salary packages. A career in web development is going to offer you all of these. So, learn the web development course in Kolkata from TTC Academy and fly high!

The web development course is ideal for

A. Fresher’s

You can enrol in the web development course no matter if you are a graduate or undergraduate.

B. Professionals

The TTC Academy is now one of the prominent web development training institutes in Kolkata. The course range includes not only the fresher’s but the service holders and business persons too.

Learn from the industry-best teachers

The faculties from TTC web Development training in Kolkata are recognised as one of the industry-best teachers.

These teachers will help you to learn:

1. The fundamentals of programming and the basics of web development course.

2. You will learn to write jQuery codes for UI development.

3. You will be able to develop your concept in programming by learning JavaScript coding.

4. Learn to create advanced navigation and create metadata and multimedia with HTML5 and CSS3.

Check your position in the IT industry after course completion

Check the 7 points that depict your position in the worldwide IT industry after completion of the course.

  • You will be able to build websites and web applications.
  • You will be skilled at databases and server languages.
  • You will be efficient enough to build HTML-based mobile applications.
  • You can be a skilled front-end developer after completion of the course.
  • You will be recognised in the IT industry as an efficient web developer.

What will be included in the web development course module

TTC Academy is offering the students web development courses on theory, simulation, and Real-Time basis.

Now, have a glance at the web development course module at TTC Academy:

  • The web development fundamentals
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Magento 2x
  • PHP
  • Database Fundamental
  • SQL

You may have a query in your mind about how much the course is feasible for you. So, whether you are a web developer, designer, blogger, student, or businessman who self-promotes the website, a fundamental course on web development will help you immensely.

So, show a certificate that you have basic knowledge of the computer and welcome to TTC Academy for learning the web development course.

Web Development Syllabus

HTML Coding

Introduction to HTML

HTML Elements


HTML Images


Table in HTML

HTML Forms

CSS Coding

What is CSS?

CSS Selector

Applying CSS both internal. external, inline

Manage Background in CSS

CSS Classes & ID

CSS Pseudo classes

CSS Transitions & Animations

CSS Interactives

Learn Javascript

What is Javascript

Variables, Operators in Javascripts

Basic Functions

IF-ELSE in Javascript

Loop & Iteration

Inline JS

JS & CSS Together

Form Validation in JS

Learn jQuery

Introduction to jQuery

Basic jQuery Function

Slider, Carausal in jQuery

Animation in jQuery

jQuery Form Validation

jQuery Lightbox

Ajax in jQuery

PSD Slicing

Standar Measurement

Develop Menu

Convert Buttons

Image Slider

Background Colour Selection

Practice Session