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In today’s modern world, digital marketing is a huge field that is critical and vital for the proper exposure of your products. This is done through various digital modes like smartphones, the internet, etc. Earlier, people used to showcase the products or services that they are offering in magazines, newspapers, etc. But after the discovery of digital marketing, the strategies and platforms have transformed. Printed materials have been replaced by online modes. The basic function of a digital marketing company is to raise brand awareness and generate conversion rates. Now, the question comes how to implement the strategies? For this, you need to do a digital marketing course in Kolkata that will groom your digital skills.

Any student with a bachelor’s degree from any field with digital skills can take up this course at our institute. There is no specific degree requisition for enrolling in this course.
A certified digital marketing course in Kolkata will take 3-6months depending on the type of chosen certification course.
The fees of a digital marketing course can vary from one institute to another. But the approx fee for this course is Rs35000.

Benefits of learning this course-
Increases credibility-
Digital marketing raises brand awareness and the value of your website. Every entrepreneur needs a loyal consumer base for its business. To build the trust of your customers, you need marketing strategies like content marketing, advertising, promotion, campaigns, etc. These tactics can be best learnt through a digital marketing course in Kolkata.
Targeting audience-
Digital marketing is all about the audience. It enables you to target the audience and understand them. The social media platforms help you to reach out to people and start a conversation with them. Advertising on your social media channels will allow you to target the audience according to their demography.
Social media marketing-
Social media is the best platform for online business promotion. The use of social media to promote your business, reach out to people, increase revenue and drive traffic to your website is called social media marketing.
Higher ROI-
An appropriate digital marketing strategy is required for ROI. No matter whether your business is large or small, return on investment is the most important factor for success. The statistical data and analysis will enable you to understand your revenue and sales and allow you a chance for improvement.
Higher conversion rates-
Digital marketing implements strategies for generating leads. Sales come as a result of leads and quality traffic. The conversion rate is extremely important in digital marketing strategy. If your campaign is strong, the conversion rate will be high.
Good salary-
A digital marketer gets a stable in-hand salary. Numerous career options in digital marketing that enable you to get placed in a company or start your business. If you are a certified marketer with digital skills, you will get hired by more recognizable companies with a better salary.
Improves relationship- Digital marketing enable you to reach global customers. It leads to a two-way conversation between the business owners and the clients. It improves the relationship with the customers and establishes a loyal bond with them.
Companies all over the world rely on digital marketing as a tool for promoting their business online. A digital marketing course in Kolkata helps you to learn the basics of technological advances and the use of web strategies for the promotion and campaigning of your website. As more organizations lean on digital marketing, the need for qualified and certified marketers is increasing. Hence, enrolling in a course will give you practical and theoretical knowledge about online marketing.